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Event Timing: October 16th, 2021
Contact us at (242)423-9172 or
Includes: Food, drinks, entertainment, and face rash guard to be worn for the duration of the event

1. Captains are encouraged to limit their consumption of alcohol during the Run.

2. Each participating vessel should maintain a safety zone of at least a two hundred (200) hundred feet radius when the participating vessel is not in idle speed.

3. When the participating vessel is not in idle speed, pick a lane (or bearing) and remain in said lane (or on such bearing). When changing course, first confirm ability to do so, and then act accordingly. Your participating vessel must not “cut off” other boats, whether participating in the Rum Run or not, or be the cause of emergency reaction on the part of other boats.

4. Captains are encouraged to exercise due caution at all times, especially when pulling the vessels near anchored vessels. All participating vessels shall keep their wake to a minimum and operate at idle speed when operating near a participating stop. All other official NO WAKE ZONES are clearly labeled and must be adhered to.

5. The Rum Run is NOT a race. At no time during the Rum Run should racing occur between/among participating vessels.

6. Each vessel must carry either a functional cellular telephone or a VHF radio in working condition.

7. All participating vessels must obey all laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, e.g., possessing the required safety equipment on the vessel. It is the responsibility of the participating vessel’s driver to familiarize themselves and the occupants of the participating vessels of these laws. In the event the RBDF or the RBPF tickets a participating vessel for reckless driving or for other reasons, said participating vessel shall continue to participate at their own risk and forfeiture of entry fees.

8. The driver of each participating vessel is responsible for all occupants and their actions. This is not child appropriate, therefore participants under the age of 18 are discouraged.

9. No occupant of a participating vessel may sit and/or lie on top of a sundeck or sun pad while the boat is in motion.

10. Each participant must have in force valid and sufficient liability insurance for the participating vessel, passengers, and crew. Drivers are to determine at their own discretion if their own vessel is seaworthy for current conditions and potential conditions that arise during the Rum Run.

11. It is the responsibility of each Captain to read and understand these rules prior to participating in the Rum Run. Except as provided above, any violation of the above rules and regulations may result in the immediate disqualification of the entire participating vessel. Disqualification or forfeiture decision will be made by the Event Director. The Event Director may also consult with the RBPF or RBDF in reaching a conclusion. In the event of disqualification of the participating vessel, no refunds will be given, and no occupants on the participating vessel will be allowed to attend the Rum Run Beach Party.

12. Bahamas RumRun is not responsible for the any accidents, personal injury or loss of life to any individual participating or attending Bahamas RumRun events.

13. Bahamas RumRun is not responsible for any loss or damage to vessels or private property while participating or attending Bahamas RumRun events.

14. By paying the registration fee, you agree to adhere to all of Bahamas RumRun policies as noted above.